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Alpaca hats

Frau mit blonden Haaren und orangfarbener Alpaka Mütze von hinten
The softest alpaca wool does not scratch and does not build up electrostatic charges.



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Manufacturing in Peru

Caro mit Programmierer bei der Arbeit
Caro mit Programmierer bei der Arbeit
Amanda beim Bügeln von Alpaka Kleidung als letzter Schritt in der Fertigung
Amanda beim Bügeln von Alpaka Kleidung als letzter Schritt in der Fertigung
Zertifizierung Öko Tex für Schadstoff-freie Textilien


environmentally friendly production

Zertifizierung Responsible Alpaca Standard (RAS) für Tierwohl


in breeding & wool production

Zertifizierung Fair Trade Peru für faire Arbeitsbedingungen und Bezahlung


Fair pay & working conditions

Frequently asked questions about alpaca hats

Do alpaca hats scratch?

Alpaca wool in the highest quality level, baby alpaca, does not scratch. While the surface of the baby alpaca fiber is smooth and fine, the lower grades of alpaca, fine and superfine alpaca wool can scratch. Baby alpaca is rarer and more expensive and is used exclusively for textiles with close skin contact, such as hats and soft pullovers.

Are alpaca wool hats warm?

Thick alpaca hats are warm and retain body heat, as alpaca wool is the warmest wool. It is seven times warmer than sheep's wool. Thin alpaca hats like our beanie regulate the temperature so you don't sweat. If you want a thick alpaca hat for winter, make sure the hat is thickly woven. Thinner hats are less warm and are better suited for the transitional period.

Are there quality differences between alpaca hats?

Yes, because hats are often referred to as alpaca hats, even though they only contain 10% - 50% alpaca wool. High-quality alpaca hats are made from 100 percent baby alpaca or alpaca royal. A scratchy feeling on the skin is impossible with these two qualities, even for allergy sufferers and people with neurodermatitis. By using 100% pure alpaca wool, you can be sure that it can really develop its warming properties.

Are alpaca hats also suitable for people who are allergic to wool?

Alpaca wool is naturally hypoallergenic as it contains hardly any lanolin (wool fat). Alpaca wool of the highest baby alpaca quality is suitable for allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin.

Do alpaca hats become electrostatically charged?

It is uncomfortable and ruins your hairstyle if your hair stands on end when you take off the hat. This will not happen with alpaca wool because it has antistatic properties to prevent exactly this phenomenon.

Alpaca hats … because nobody likes scratchy hats

Scratchy hats feel uncomfortable and make you want to freeze rather than endure the prickly sensation. That's why you should go for soft materials when buying hats. Alpaca wool is available in five different quality levels. For textiles that come into close contact with the skin, we always recommend the highest quality baby alpaca. These wool fibers are fine and soft like cashmere and guarantee you a scratch-free wearing comfort. We advise against hats made of synthetic fibers, as they are static and quickly absorb odors. Natural fibers such as wool or plant fibers such as soft Pima cotton from Peru are better. When you take off your alpaca wool hat, your hair won't stand on end, as alpaca hats are antistatic hats. Thick alpaca hats are ideal for winter, while women and men can wear thinner models on warmer days. Thanks to the thermoregulation of alpaca wool, your alpaca hat adapts to the weather conditions and ensures that you neither freeze nor sweat.

Our alpaca hats made from 100 percent baby alpaca are of high quality and are skin-friendly. Alpaca wool is a hypoallergenic natural fiber that is particularly soft and warm. To complete your cuddly alpaca outfit, we recommend taking a look at our alpaca gloves.

Alpaka Herde im Andengebirge vor schneebedeckten Bergen

Extreme weather in the Andes of Peru determines the highest quality wool.

This is what makes alpaca hats so special

Alpaca wool is one of the finest types of wool in the world because it is incomparably soft, warm and gentle on the skin. The properties of alpaca wool are so diverse and unique that even in the times of the Incas in South America it was reserved only for the nobility.

Wärmste Wolle

Our head and feet are the thermometer of our body. When they are cold, we lose a lot of body heat and start to freeze. No wool is better suited for warm winter hats and warm socks than alpaca wool, the warmest wool in the world. Alpaca wool is seven times warmer than sheep's wool, does not pill and is comfortable and cuddly.


No other type of wool can compete with the following special feature: Alpaca fibers have a thermoregulating effect and are thus able to adapt to cold and heat. We have the cool Andes mountains, where alpacas live, to thank for this. Their wool protects the South American camels from extreme temperature fluctuations between day and night. On cold winter days, your alpaca hat is cozy and warm, and on warmer days or when exercising, it feels pleasantly fresh and prevents heat from building up. A functional hat for all seasons and also ideal for traveling.


As mentioned, when it comes to hats, you should go for the softest baby alpaca wool and avoid lower qualities such as alpaca, fine and superfine. Baby alpaca wool is guaranteed to be scratch-free, its fibers are as soft as cashmere and are extremely popular for the warmest clothing and soft scarves . Alpaca hats are cuddly and pure luxury for the head.

Allergiker freundlich

Alpaca hats are not only suitable for people who prefer non-scratchy hats, but also for allergy sufferers and people with neurodermatitis. Alpaca wool is hypoallergenic because, unlike other types of wool, it hardly contains any wool fat (lanolin). Alpaca hats often do not contain any chemical dyes either, as they are the natural color of the alpacas in white, brown, black and gray. And our skin is always happy about fewer chemicals.


Alpaca hats are not only visually beautiful, but also functional. They keep you warm, store heat and are breathable at the same time. This means you won't sweat even when you're physically active or in the sunshine. The moisture that your body produces is drained away so that your head always stays pleasantly dry.


It is particularly important for hats to have antistatic properties so that they do not charge your hair with static electricity. Alpaca wool has this property naturally and does not destroy hairstyles.

Robust und pflegeleicht

Alpaca wool is lightweight and the alpaca fiber is strong and durable. This makes it ideal for hats that are put on and taken off frequently. Alpaca wool also does not need to be washed too often as it is dirt-repellent. Airing it out in the fresh air overnight is enough to make your hat pleasantly fresh again. You can wash alpaca wool by hand or in the wool program of the washing machine.

Frau mit Winterjacke und Mütze von hinten im Freien

Alpaca hats from Peru mean the highest quality

We do not offer traditional, colorful Peruvian hats - the Chulos. Instead, we focus on simple hats for men and women, which are often in the natural colors of the alpacas. Our alpaca wool hats are made from Peruvian wool in Peru and are not only a treat for your head, but also a piece of culture and tradition.

Alpaca hats from Peru are special for several reasons: Firstly, Peruvian alpaca wool is the highest quality in the world, as the animals live there in their natural habitat and the country has been producing natural fiber clothing from this special wool for thousands of years. With all clothing and accessories in our online shop, buyers can be sure that they are purchasing alpaca wool without animal cruelty. This is because we only use animal welfare-certified wool that has been awarded the Responsible Alpaca Standard (RAS).

Furthermore, alpaca wool is produced in an environmentally friendly way in Peru. Alpacas do not destroy their pastures because they cut the grass when they eat and do not tear it out with the roots. The situation is completely different with cashmere goats, whose eating habits contribute to the desertification of green landscapes. The sustainability aspect is a major disadvantage of cashmere, which is why more and more buyers are opting for alpaca instead of cashmere.

Our alpaca hats for men and women are made by small producers in the cities of Arequipa and Cusco, Peru, to support the indigenous population. Mainly women who strive for financial independence or are widowed. Ethical production of our slow fashion clothing is uncompromising for us.

Alpaca hats for women and men - Why Alpakin

Alpaca hats from Alpakin are made from 100 percent baby alpaca, the softest of all alpaca fibers. We deliberately do not offer cheaper blends of alpaca wool and other types of wool for our alpaca hats, as they can be scratchy. We have thick, warm winter hats in our range as well as thinner alpaca hats for the transitional months and cooler summer nights. Our alpaca wool hats are made by small manufacturers in Peru. Our designs reach Germany without any middlemen, which is why we can offer our clothing and accessories at attractive prices. Alpaca hats are warm, soft, comfortable and gentle on the skin - every hat should have all of these properties so that we always enjoy wearing it.

Care tips for washing alpaca hats

Alpaca hats are easy to care for and can be washed in the washing machine or by hand. Please use wool detergent and the wool cycle on your washing machine, otherwise the fine baby alpaca fiber can become matted. Set the temperature to a maximum of 30 degrees Celsius and do not spin faster than 600 revolutions per minute. You do not need to add fabric softener, as alpaca wool is naturally soft and cuddly. After washing, do not put the alpaca hat in the dryer, but let it air dry, ideally lying on the clothes rack.