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Alpaca ponchos for men

Alpaka Poncho für Herren Puma schwarzes, glänzendes Textil nah
Alpaca ponchos in elegant, timeless designs. Something special.



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Manufacturing in Peru

Gustavo und Schneider Oscar arbeiten gemeinsam an neuem Poncho Modell für Alpakin
Gustavo und Schneider Oscar arbeiten gemeinsam an neuem Poncho Modell für Alpakin
Fertigung Handarbeit Textil abschließen
Fertigung Handarbeit Textil abschließen
Zertifizierung Öko Tex für Schadstoff-freie Textilien


environmentally friendly production

Zertifizierung Responsible Alpaca Standard (RAS) für Tierwohl


in breeding & wool production

Zertifizierung Fair Trade Peru für faire Arbeitsbedingungen und Bezahlung


Fair pay & working conditions

I have very sensitive skin and therefore prefer natural fibers. The softness of alpaca wool is unrivaled for me and it is also important to me that the animals are not tortured for the wool.

Gregor Schwab
From Hamburg

I've been looking for an elegant poncho for a long time, but there are hardly any options for men. The design, collar, size... everything is perfect. People often ask me about the poncho and I feel so comfortable in it.

Janosch Enk
From Bühl

Alpaca ponchos for men … you don’t see them every day

When choosing their clothes, men often think more practically than women. With ponchos, men opt for convenience and comfort without having to forego elegance. The traditional Peruvian poncho can be seen on the street in Peru, while men in Europe prefer modern poncho interpretations in subtle colors such as black and dark blue. What is a poncho and why is it so comfortable? Ponchos are rectangular sleeveless garments with a hole in the middle for the head. They are quicker to put on than alpaca pullovers or alpaca cardigans and you can't choose the wrong size because they are available in one size. Ponchos can be combined in many different ways and are suitable for work, leisure and elegant occasions. How do you wear a poncho? You can combine it casually with jeans and boots or with suit trousers and a shirt or thin sweater. They are quick to put on and do not constrict you thanks to their loose fit. Men appreciate the freedom of movement, the elegant cut and the variety of ponchos. Many men prefer classic, simple ponchos in neutral colors and without a lot of frills.

Alpaca wool is ideal for warm ponchos. This special wool is obtained from the fur of alpacas. Even though alpacas do not have humps, they belong to the camel family and are also known as New World camelids or Andean camels. In Peru and other South American countries, alpacas have been bred for thousands of years for their valuable, soft wool. Alpacas are descended from wild vicuñas, which are extremely shy. Vicuna wool is the most expensive wool in the world, and we owe the special properties of alpaca wool to its descent from vicuñas.

Men's alpaca ponchos made from 100% soft baby alpaca wool

The properties of alpaca wool are so special that you have to feel them. The noble fiber impresses with its maximum comfort and is at the same time functional and practical.

Icon Feder für Weichheit


There are five different qualities of alpaca wool. Baby alpaca is the softest alpaca fiber, it is obtained from protected body parts of adult alpacas and is the most expensive fiber due to its rarity. While baby alpaca is as soft as cashmere, alpaca wool can be scratchy in lower qualities such as alpaca, fine and superfine. Baby alpaca wool is also lighter, warmer and more lightweight than conventional alpaca wool.

Icon Thermoeigenschaft

Thermal properties

Warm ponchos are made from thick alpaca wool and are guaranteed to keep you warm, as alpaca wool is still the warmest wool in the world. Thinner ponchos made from alpaca, linen or soft cotton are ideal for spring and summer. Where alpacas live, in the Andes mountains of South America, temperatures often fluctuate. Alpaca fur is therefore able to adapt to the temperature, their wool fibers have hollow spaces that both keep you warm and dissipate heat at higher temperatures.

Easy-care & lightweight

Alpaca wool is light and lightweight ponchos are more comfortable to wear. Unlike cashmere, alpaca wool is easy to care for and can be washed using the wool program in the washing machine or by hand. A practical property of wool is that it has an antibacterial effect and hardly absorbs any odors. If you air out your men's alpaca poncho regularly, it will need washing less often.

Icon Atmungsaktivität


Sweating is unpleasant and causes odors. That's why close-fitting clothing should always have breathable characteristics, such as merino or alpaca. This way, moisture is drawn outwards, which is why you can also wear your alpaca poncho during physical activity.

Icon für Allergie

Allergy friendly

Alpaca allergies such as skin irritations are extremely rare because baby alpaca wool is soft and hypoallergenic. It is gentle on the skin and contains fewer chemicals than other textiles. Black, brown and cream alpaca clothing and accessories are the natural colors of the South American camels, with no dyes.

Natural shine

A special feature of the alpaca fiber is its natural shine. This makes alpaca clothing look classy, ​​without the addition of any chemical additives.

Alpakin offers elegant alpaca ponchos for men

Men often want simpler, elegant ponchos in masculine colors such as black, dark blue, dark red or dark green. We currently only have a few poncho models for men in our collection, but we are already working on new designs in Peru, such as an alpaca poncho pullover. With us you will find men's alpaca ponchos in the highest baby alpaca quality and made from 100% pure alpaca wool. We distance ourselves from blends, as the alpaca wool cannot then fully develop its warming and thermal properties. We source the wool for our alpaca ponchos for men and women from Peru, the land of the alpacas, which offers us the highest quality wool. Our clothing and accessories are made in the cities of Cusco and Arequipa in Peru. We work with small manufacturers who are proud of their craftsmanship and supply us with the highest quality. Elegant ponchos are not intended for the masses, but for men who are looking for something special. So that you can be sure that you are buying alpaca wool without animal cruelty, we only source animal welfare certified wool that has been awarded the Responsible Alpaca Standard (RAS).

How do I wash my men's alpaca poncho?

Alpaca ponchos are easy-care and, if made of high-quality wool, do not tend to develop annoying pilling knots. Since alpaca wool has good self-cleaning properties, you can wash your poncho less often with a clear conscience. You can wash alpaca wool using the gentle wool program on the washing machine or by hand. With the addition of wool detergent and without fabric softener, at a maximum of 30 degrees Celsius and at no more than 600 revolutions per minute. After washing, let the alpaca poncho air dry lying down and do not put it in the dryer or iron it. Alpaca wool is hard-wearing and durable and does not lose its shape and softness even with frequent washing.