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Alpaca pullover for men

Dunkelblauer Alpaka Pullover und Hemd getragen von einem Mann, der sich an die Uhr fasst
Timeless elegance from Peru, versatile to combine. Soft, warm & easy to care for.



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Manufacturing in Peru

Alpakin Gründer Gustavo und Schneider Oscar besprechen ein neues Pullover Modell
Alpakin Gründer Gustavo und Schneider Oscar besprechen ein neues Pullover Modell
Schneider Alex aus Peru arbeitet mit Schere an Textil
Schneider Alex aus Peru arbeitet mit Schere an Textil
Zertifizierung Öko Tex für Schadstoff-freie Textilien


environmentally friendly production

Zertifizierung Responsible Alpaca Standard (RAS) für Tierwohl


in breeding & wool production

Zertifizierung Fair Trade Peru für faire Arbeitsbedingungen und Bezahlung


Fair pay & working conditions


Unser beliebtester Herren Pullover

What a comfortable sweater, it doesn't scratch at all, keeps you nice and warm and just feels good. Since I have sensitive skin, I like the natural colors. I've been to Peru before, but I didn't find the same quality there.

Sascha Grünz
From Heidenheim

The alpaca sweater is beautifully made and has a great shine. I wear it directly on my skin in the summer and with a shirt underneath in the winter. You can tell straight away that it is not a mass-produced item. I also like that it needs to be washed less often.

Magnus Eckert
From Eppstein


Eleganz, die gefühlt werden will

Alpaca pullovers for men from Alpakin are classy and come in timeless designs. For business, leisure and when traveling... with a men's alpaca pullover you are always well dressed. Sweaters made from alpaca wool are natural fibre clothing, as it is made from the fur of alpacas. Alpacas belong to the camel family and have been bred for thousands of years in the Andes mountains of South America for their high-quality wool. They are descended from wild vicuñas, which produce the most expensive wool. We owe the special properties of alpaca wool, such as its warmth and softness, to its descent from the vicuñas.

That is why alpaca pullovers for men are particularly

The properties of alpaca wool are similar to cashmere and merino. But while cashmere has now arrived in the cheap fast fashion segment, merino and alpaca wool remain premium luxury fibers.

Icon Feder für Weichheit

Maximum comfort

Alpaca pullovers offer men comfort and convenience. Alpaca wool is lightweight and the highest quality baby alpaca is guaranteed to be scratch-free. Baby alpaca pullovers are ideal for close skin contact.

Icon Thermometer für Temperatur

Warmth that lasts

Your men's sweater made of alpaca wool protects you from weather conditions such as cold, wind and rain and keeps your body warm. Alpaca wool beats merino, sheep's wool and cashmere in terms of its warmth properties; it is the warmest wool in the world.

Icon Atmungsaktivität


Alpaca material is breathable and wicks moisture away. This means you stay odor-free even during physical exertion.

Icon für Allergie

Gentle on the skin

Alpaca wool is even popular with allergy sufferers because it naturally contains hardly any lanolin (wool fat). Baby alpaca wool is as soft as cashmere and does not cause skin irritation. If alpaca wool is scratchy, then it is in the lower grades.


All men who don't like washing will be particularly pleased about the following special feature: Alpaca wool reduces the formation of bacteria, which is why your alpaca sweater will smell fresh for longer. Alpaca wool sweaters are also very rarely prone to pilling.


100% Alpaca Pullover Men

100% alpaca pullovers for men means sweaters that are made from 100% alpaca wool. Large fashion chains often use wool blends for men's alpaca pullovers, with only 20-40% alpaca content. The disadvantage of this is that the alpaca wool can then no longer develop its special warming properties. With us you will find 100 percent alpaca sweaters, we avoid blends entirely.

Braunes Alpaka von vorne, niedlich mit großen Kulleraugen

Alpaca pullover for men – 100% animal welfare

To ensure that alpaca wool is not cruelty to animals , interested parties should look for seals and certificates that guarantee wool without cruelty to animals. The best-known and internationally recognized seal is the Responsible Alpaca Standard (RAS). Similar to merino wool, this was created specifically for the use of alpacas as wool suppliers. At Alpakin, we only use RAS-certified alpaca wool, so you can enjoy your alpaca wool sweater for men with a clear conscience. The same applies to our women's alpaca sweaters and accessories made of alpaca wool.

Animal welfare certificate or not, what is baby alpaca wool? We often come across the prejudice that baby alpaca wool comes from alpaca babies. Admittedly, the name of this highest quality level is not a particularly good choice, because baby alpaca refers to the wool from the protected body parts of adult alpacas. It is softer, warmer and also more expensive because it is rarer. While up to six kilograms of wool can be obtained from an alpaca, only a maximum of 200 grams of this is the highest baby alpaca quality.

Alpaca pullover from Peru for men

Alpaca pullovers delight men with their comfort, softness and warmth as well as their natural, elegant shine. Since the highest quality alpaca wool comes from Peru, the land of the alpacas, men's alpaca pullovers from Peru are particularly popular. Alpaca wool from Peru is known all over the world as a noble luxury fiber that has nothing to hide from cashmere or silk. It is warmer and easy-care, characteristics that practical-minded men particularly value. The entire Alpakin collection comes from Peru; we source our alpaca wool from this beautiful country and have the clothes manufactured there.

Our alpaca pullovers from Peru are not mass-produced products, but are limited in number. They are manufactured according to the most modern standards, which you will notice in the workmanship of the men's pullovers. Alpaca wool is sustainable and environmentally friendly without looking eco-friendly. Our men's alpaca sweaters from Peru in brown and black are the natural colors of the alpacas and do not contain any chemical dyes.

How do I care for my men's alpaca pullover?

Your men's alpaca pullover is not only a real eye-catcher in terms of its appearance and softness, but is also easy-care. Due to the high self-cleaning power of the alpaca fiber, your alpaca pullover does not need to be washed too often. It airs out well in the fresh air and neutralizes odors such as sweat. Even with frequent washing, it does not lose its special softness because the fiber is robust and hard-wearing.

You can wash alpaca pullovers by hand or in the washing machine. When washing in the washing machine, please pay attention to the following: wool cycle, temperature at a maximum of 30 degrees Celsius and no more than 600 revolutions per minute. Use gentle wool detergent but no fabric softener and do not put the alpaca sweater in the dryer or iron it. Alpaca wool does not wrinkle and should be air dried lying down.